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Hi. My name is Stefan and I LOVE to build wood fences, wood driveway gates and patio covers, etc., to be strong and beautiful finished products that accentuate your estate and demand the admiration of you, your family and your friends and guests for years to come. 

I also enjoy making sure the customer gets the design and layout that they like the best. Sometimes they already know exactly what they want. Other times we talk about different styles & designs, layouts and other options-and we create a new idea that wasn't considered before, but becomes exactly what the client likes the best! I prefer to do each job like it was my own place-making sure it's strong so it lasts, and has the best of everything within reasonable budget parameters.

Whether you want a simple or relatively common style, a new & custom design, or something elegant from a magazine, a restaurant patio or the internet; call, text or email me for an appointment for a quote! I would love to build it right!

I will build any specific fence design you've seen, and chances are that I will build it even better. This also applies to any outdoor wood project: wood driveway gates, patio covers, etc!

And this is old news now for me but, thought you might like to know.  My website and blog get a surprising amount of traffic from all over the U.S. (and a little bit from overseas too).  Especially considering my small local niche market, just here to build wood fences in Los Angeles.  People have contacted me literally from coast-to-coast, asking how to build this or that.  I love it when I get to school the so-called expert-general-contractors. 

My point is this.  The first few people I helped for free, of course!  I then realized I have to charge for the service because of the time that it consumes.  So I set up the DIY Phone Consultation Service.  I then realized that NOBODY in my local market here in LA does this!  Am I the first, amongst all of my "peers" here in LA to do this?  I guess so. 

Even a lady from up in Oakland, CA used my DIY Phone Consultation Service.  Then she built her own custom-combo wood driveway gate!  And it came out great!  Her video reviews (part 1 & part 2) are on my DIY page.  You can see her excellent gate that she built in her videos.

This is just one more reason to have me build your new wood fence, driveway gate or patio cover!

Surf my website to find hundreds of photos and over thirty videos,
which all demonstrate the fact that you can
enjoy a higher quality built project
within this genre of construction!  BLOG is down for reconstruction, will be back up soon.

Wood Fences & Gates Modern Horizontal Styles and Designs

Watch this video to see what happens if you choose the wrong builder!  
Double Swinger Wood Driveway Gates:  Wrong vs. Right

Roll the dice and only hope that you get an honest builder who will build it right!
Or take the easy way and let WoodFenceExpert.com build your wood fence,
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Custom, stained horizontal redwood fence on a curve, with sloped top and bottom edges to parallel the slope of the terrain!  This one was a fun build, boosted property values on the entire block!

Custom 1x4 Sloping Horizontal Fence
Custom, stained, 1"x4" Sloping Horizontal Fence without Cap.  This was another satisfying build and another example of how we help your neighbors "go green" with envy!

custom, front yard horizontal wood fence
Custom front yard horizontal wood fence on slope, stained with matching pedestrian gate.  First showpiece custom horizontal front yard wood fence in this neighborhood!  Set the tone for your property and your neighborhood by having us build your new, stunning custom horizontal wood fence!


 A replacement or new wood fence should be pleasing to look at, and it should easily accommodate it’s property, owners and guests.  I like to consider functions such as boundary, privacy & security, and qualities such as strength, longevity and being decorative to best suit each individual client.  There are a few basic types or styles with which other ideas and designs may or may not be added to create the best effect, to compliment your estate.  The modern or contemporary look of horizontal designs is quite popular!  The traditional vertical styles are also in vogue.  Variations and/or combinations of each can yield a custom, stunning design that is brand new even today!  Browse through all of my collections of  job-site photo albums throughout the website and blog and you will probably find the style you want! 

One of Several Photo Albums on this Website Displaying Only our Work

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Custom Horizontal Redwood 1"x2" Porch Enclosure:

Wood Fences and Gates, Regular and Modern Vertical Styles and Designs

Los Angeles Area Driveway Gates

Call 310-717-2000 to let us build it right!

I generally work within the greater Los Angeles Area.  I am also available to work outside of the greater Los Angeles Area on special (large and/or custom) wood fence construction projects!